Threefold   (100x50)x3

Grandmother Ι   (70x50)

Grandmother ΙΙ   (50x40)

Mother   (50x40)

kyra Rini   (50x40)

The doctor   (50x40)

The doctor 2   (45x55)

Komboloi   (70x60)

The book   (70x60)

The cigarette   (55x45)

Portrait 1   (45x35)

Portrait 2   (30x25)

The dance   (100x60)

The shoemaker   (80x50)

The craftsman   

Waiting   (100x60)

The candy   (70x60)

The escape   (100x60)

Christening   (58x78)

Red dress   (80x60)

Blue dress   (100x60)

Ice-Skating   (70x50)

The celar   (70x50)

Door 1   (70x50)

Door 2   (70x60)

Boat   (45x35)

Trash can   (40x30)

Child in cabin   (80x50)

The staircase   (80x60)

Flowers   (50x70)